Ghid Marime

Determine Your Ring Size

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that your ring be sized and fit correctly. It should be snug, comfortable and be able to glide with moderate pressure over your knuckle. Your finger size varies daily due to a number of elements including the time of day, food consumption, exercise, environment and a variety of other conditions. Please note the guidelines below and inform of us any special conditions when submitting your size.

GUIDELINES: Size your finger at two different times of day (preferably during the mid-afternoon through evening hours as your hands swell throughout the day). Please note any of the following:

> large knuckles and difficulty with sizing
> excess salt consumption within 48 hours of sizing
> exercise (strenuous to moderate)
> medications, arthritis or other conditions that may cause swelling
> work, activities, recreation and or other issues that involve the hands such as frequent washing, latex gloves, playing an instrument etc.

The following methods will assist you with finding your ring size:


1. determining the size using the measuring tape

Wind the tape TIGHTLY around the finger – hardened paper stripe approximately 2-3 mm wide and cca 10 cm long will suffice.


Customers with thicker knuckles should take into consideration the fact that the knuckle is supposed to fit through the ring – they are advised to choose the ring one size larger than the measured size. According to the final measured size (finger girth) you choose your fitting ring size from the drop-down menu on the product page.

How to measure the ring size – visual aid:

2. determining the size by using the diameter of the ring that fits you